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powder coatings zero impact

Powder coating with zero environmental impact

Arsonsisi will participate in the digital slow meeting TST/2021 on surface treatments, organized by Poliefun — Politecnico di Milano, in the session on sustainability of resources and on low environmental impact finishing materials. Sustainability and Circularity are issues that increasingly affect the production processes of companies. Powder coating fits well into an eco-sustainability policy, due

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how to choose the right UV coating

How to choose the right UV coating

When it comes to UV curing coatings, it is important to make distinctions because various types exist that have different characteristics and performance. So how do you choose the UV coating that best suits your needs? UV curing coatings are becoming increasingly popular in the industrial coatings market, since they successfully meet many recent market

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UV LED curing coatings

New coatings for UV LED lamps: an innovative technology and a sustainable choice for industrial coating

The industrial coating market is constantly searching for innovative solutions to meet the needs of high productivity and a reduction in process and management costs, with a special focus on environmental sustainability. For this purpose, at its R&D laboratories in Berlingo, Arsonsisi has recently developed a new line of coatings for UV LED (Light Emitting

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festa della verniciatura industriale

Industrial Coatings Celebration

On 25th October, Arsonsisi participated at the day of industrial coatings organised by the editorial staff of La Rivista del Colore. The celebration was to mark the magazine’s 50th anniversary and took place in the stunning Sala del Cenacolo in Milan’s Leonardo da Vinci Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia. La Rivista del Colore

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xylexpo 2018

Coating materials: the new horizons of sustainability

On 10th May Arsonsisi will attend the meeting entitled “Coating materials: the new horizons of sustainability”, organized at the Xylexpo Arena by the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering «Giulio Natta» of the Politecnico of Milan and by Catas, supported by Poliefun. On the occasion of Xylexpo 2018, the biennial world exhibition of technologies

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radiatori vintage corten

The new Vintage radiators signed by Tonon Forty and coated with Arsonsisi powders

Tonon Forty launches the new line of “Colors Vintage» design radiators coated with Arsonsisi powder coatings, carefully selected with finishes specially dedicated to the vintage sector. Arsonsisi and Tonon Forty have been cooperating for many years to always get top results and guarantee the high quality of their products in the name of the excellence

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Environmental sustainability of buildings and the main components of the envelope with Arsonsisi industrial coatings

Arsonsisi meets architects, engineers and surveyors to provide technical and design solutions ensuring the highest comfort in terms of environmental sustainability. The training programme focused on the weaknesses, methods of analysis and improvement of external doors and windows for a better-performing envelope, the environmental sustainability of residential buildings, the installation of doors and windows with

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Open day Colli del Tronto

OpenDay – Porte Finestre &Co. – 6 июня, Колли-дель-Тронто

В данном мероприятии Arsonsisi будет участвовать в качестве партнера, при участии мастеров по оконным и дверным переплетам, проектировщиков и всех мастеров и рабочих данной отрасли. День культуры посвященный оконным и дверным переплетам, организован Консорциумом LegnoLegno (Национальный консорциум переплетов) и Aluservice (Технологическая лабораторния переплетов — Учебный бизнес центр) с целью вовлечения всей цепочки компаний из данной

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Materials library by Material Connexion

Material ConneXion вручает Arsonsisi сертификат по Превосходству в Разработке Материалов (Certificate for Excellence in Material Development)

Термоотверждающиеся порошковые краски ANTHERM и краски с бактериостатическим действием IONatura проходят проверку группы интернациональных и междисциплинарных экспертов с целью внесения этих продуктов в престижную библиотеку материалов Materials Library — крупнейший в мире архив материалов и инновационных и устойчивых производственных процессов. Библиотека Materials Library, собирает, как физически, так и онлайн, более 7000 материалов и производственных процессов

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Arsonsisi на пути к EXPO 2015 является одним из итальянских лидеров в области Экологической Устойчивости и Инноваций

Термоотверждающиеся порошковые краски ANTHERM и IONatura с бактериостатическим действием, входят в селективный каталог SiExpo 2015 как экологические и инновационные продукты, предоставленные к случаю международной выставки EXPO2015. Консорциум «Sustainability and Innovation for Expo 2015” это некоммерческая организация, созданная с целью развития, управления и поддерживания интерактивной базы данных, похожей на онлайн-каталог, и направленная на развитие и квалификацию

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