Environmental sustainability of buildings and the main components of the envelope with Arsonsisi industrial coatings

Arsonsisi meets architects, engineers and surveyors to provide technical and design solutions ensuring the highest comfort in terms of environmental sustainability.

training with LegnoLegno and Arsonsisi

The training programme focused on the weaknesses, methods of analysis and improvement of external doors and windows for a better-performing envelope, the environmental sustainability of residential buildings, the installation of doors and windows with application demonstrations, partition walls and installation projects.

Arsonsisi’s staff provided advice on issues relating to technical, functional and environmentally friendly solutions from the company’s range of industrial coatings and finishes for the building industry, as well as the prevention of bacterial growth at home and in the urban environment with a special line of powder coatings, IONatura.

Organised by the LegnoLegno Consortium the event was held at the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo in Italy on October 30.

Arsonsisi specialized staffEnvironmental sustainability of buildings and the main components of the envelopearsonsisi industrial coatings for environmental sustainability