Industrial Coatings Celebration

On 25th October, Arsonsisi participated at the day of industrial coatings organised by the editorial staff of La Rivista del Colore. The celebration was to mark the magazine’s 50th anniversary and took place in the stunning Sala del Cenacolo in Milan’s Leonardo da Vinci Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia.

Industrial Coatings Celebration sala cenacolo

La Rivista del Colore celebrated its 50th birthday and took stock of the next 50 years of industrial coating together with industry experts in the relevant fields of activity: manufacturing, economics, design, education and surface treatment.

It was a day of celebration to reflect on the past, present and future of industrial coatings, and to become more aware of the concept of sustainability. Supported by first-hand experience, entrepreneurs and professionals shared their individual visions and encounters with those present.

What has changed over the years in the world of industrial coatings?

100 years of arsonsisi's activity in the Storia della verniciatura industriale in Italia book
Arsonsisi tells the tale of its 100 years in the volume dedicated to the coating of metal and plastic in La Rivista del Colore’s “Storia della verniciatura industriale in Italia” book.

The answer can be found in the book “Storia della verniciatura industriale in Italia” (History of Industrial Coatings in Italy).

La Rivista del Colore traces its long journey in the pages of its magazines. They scan time and narrate the story of industrial coating from the 1960s to the present day, enriched by the tales of those companies that have been the protagonists of these years of change.

And among these entrepreneurial organisations, with the company celebrating 100 years of business last year, Arsonsisi’s contribution could not go amiss.

Carlo Junghanns at the round table dedicated to research
Carlo Junghanns, President of Arsonsisi at the round table dedicated to research.
Stefano Lazzerini participates at the round table dedicated to intelligent coatings
Stefano Lazzerini, Business Manager Liquid Coatings — Div. Specialties & UV Product Manager at Arsonsisi, participates at the round table dedicated to «intelligent» coatings.

Presented for the first time during the event, the book is being published in two volumes dedicated to the metal and plastic, and wood industries. They have been written by Danilo O. Malavolti – President of Anver – and Gianni Giardina – former owner of Giardina Officine Aeromeccaniche – respectively.

In the afternoon, Arsonsisi’s representatives, alongside those of other manufacturing companies for installations, machinery, systems, and raw materials, powder coatings and liquid coatings, as well as spokespeople from the academic world, met at a round table to discuss the topics of sustainability, research, innovation and circular economy. Together, they examined the future of industrial coatings.

The day ended with a guided tour of the Toti submarine, recently restored thanks to the efforts of Danilo O. Malavolti, Founder of La Rivista del Colore, and the contribution of a number of companies in the industry.