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pipeline coating 2018

Arsonsisi awaits you at Pipeline Coating 2018

From 13 to 15 February 2018 Arsonsisi will attend the International Pipeline Coating conference in Vienna, AMI’s (Applied Market Information Ltd) annual appointment, this year on its 10th consecutive edition. The two-day programme will analyse the latest technical developments and market trends in the pipeline protection sector and its supply chain. The conference topics will

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Pipeline Coating 2017

Arsonsisi at Pipeline Coating 2017

Arsonsisi will again attend Pipeline Coating in Vienna, the global conference on pipeline protection technology and markets. On its 9th edition, the conference will start with a steel pipe market review of the past decade, followed by a wide array of speakers presenting product and application innovations, solutions to particular requirements, interesting case studies, testing

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Arsonsisi at Pipeline Coating & Protection 2016

Arsonsisi attends the American conference on pipeline integrity technology and markets in Houston, Texas, on November 15-16, 2016. Building upon years of success with its conferences “Pipeline Coating” and “Field Joint Coating”, AMI (Applied Market Information Ltd.) has organized a new event for this year dedicated to the industry in North America. Just like the

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Arsonsisi attends the Pipeline Coating 2016

From 16 to 18 February 2016 Arsonsisi will attend Pipeline Coating again, the important international conference on pipeline protection technology and markets.   The turnout of hundreds of delegates from all over the world, among which pipeline contractors, operators, engineers and specifiers, pipe mills and pipe coaters, researchers, raw materials and machinery suppliers, makes the

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Arsonsisi at the Pipeline Coating 2015

The 7th edition of the international conference on pipeline protection will take place at the Austrian Trend Hotel Savoyen in Vienna, from 17-19 Ferbruary 2015.   The pipeline industry is continuing to grow worldwide to provide increased security of energy and water supply. In particular, in many locations with hostile environmental conditions the pipeline protection

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Arsonsisi будет учавствовать в конференции FIELD JOINT COATING 2014

Мероприятие, посвященное решениям по нанесению покрытий на соединительные швы при установке трубопроводов, будет проводиться в отеле Radisson Blu Scandivania Hotel, в Дюссельдорфе, Германия, со 2-го по 4-ое сентября 2014г. Первая интернациональная конференция, организованная Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI), будет сфокусирована на последних развитиях и нововведениях в сфере материалов, продуктов и технологий, применяемых при окрашивании соединительных

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