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festa della verniciatura industriale

Industrial Coatings Celebration

On 25th October, Arsonsisi participated at the day of industrial coatings organised by the editorial staff of La Rivista del Colore. The celebration was to mark the magazine’s 50th anniversary and took place in the stunning Sala del Cenacolo in Milan’s Leonardo da Vinci Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia. La Rivista del Colore

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vernici arsonsisi certificate MED dal RINA

Arsonsisi Coatings MED RINA Certified for the Shipbuilding Industry

Arsonsisi powder coatings have been certified by RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) laboratories in accordance with the European Directive on Marine Equipment (MED) 2014/90/EU and subsequent amendments and additions for industrial application in the shipbuilding field. Modules B and D of the MED certifications attest to the full compliance of the coatings in terms of the

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Progetto Colore Sicuro

The «Colore Sicuro» Project: not only Colour but also value

In the fragmented coatings industry, Assovernici’s «Colore Sicuro» project has been created to promote the excellent member manufacturers, who share and support mutual values inspired by respect for their customers, for their products, society and the environment. Assovernici is the official competent association for Italian manufacturers of coatings. Its members include major brands in the

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arsonsisi facebook page

Arsonsisi открывает свою страницу на Facebook

Arsonsisi открывает свою официальную страницу на Facebook, для более непосредственного и интерактивного общения со своими клиентами, сотрудниками и всеми другими заинтересованными в промышленных красках Arsonsisi. Данный иснтрумент позволит местом информации, обмена и доклада, в котором пользователь переходит в мир ЛКМ Arsonsisi — порошковых красок, жидких красок и красок для электроосаждения. С помощью страницы все

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